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Top Ten Nanotech Companies Likely To Go Public
Volume 2, Issue 3

In September 2005, it is still unclear what metrics are required for a nanotech company to make an initial public offering.  Are consistent and expanding earnings necessary?  Or will investors settle for a good story, strong patent protection, and a demonstrated product?  Notwithstanding the market uncertainty, it is clear that some companies are positioning to make their way into the public markets in the near future.  Companies that received venture financing in 2000 and 2001 will feel increasing pressure from their investors to achieve a profitable exit strategy.  In this issue, we highlight ten companies that are likely to be in a position to make public offerings.  It should be expressly understood that Nanotechnology Law & Business is not endorsing any of the companies on the list or making any representations about their existing or future performance.  Further, while members of the editorial board of Nanotechnology Law & Business may have professional affiliations with companies on the list, the materials contained in this article should not be attributed to any individuals on the editorial board or sponsors of the journal.  Finally, this article should not be relied on in making any investments.

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