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Break-Out in Nanotech—The Next Potential Wave of IPOs
Volume 2, Issue 3

Dumas Garrett, Stephens, Inc.

Although nanotechnology is often characterized as an industry, it is actually an enabling science that provides general purpose technologies for various industries. This quality gives nanotechnology the potential for widespread impact and as a result, many companies are now investing in research and development with enthusiasm. In this article, Dumas Garrett analyzes investment trends and argues that the most likely nanotechnology companies to go public in the short-term are those with commercially viable products, good investor relations, strong intellectual property (“IP”) protection and relationships with larger, more established companies. Mr. Garrett suggests that the next initial public offering (“IPO”) window for nanotechnology may occur within twelve months. A successful IPO during this time also may spur further IPOs. Although nanotechnology companies face several obstacles, investors willing to take early risks may have an opportunity to reap gratifying rewards.

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