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Nanoparticle and Nanostructure Catalysts: Technologies and Markets
Volume 2, Issue 3

Bing Zhou, Headwaters NanoKinetix
Ray Balee, Headwaters NanoKinetix
Rebecca Groenendaal, Headwaters NanoKineti

While most people consider nanotechnology to be a new area of research and development, chemical catalysis has, in fact, been pioneering this field for decades. This article describes early, commercial-application-driven scientific breakthroughs in nanocatalysis, which opened the door to decades of further research in the field. Dr. Bing Zhou, Ray Balee and Rebecca Groenendaal describe the latest advances in technology for making nanocatalysts today, as well as the markets and market potential for the currently available technology. Finally, Zhou, Balee and Groenendaal look ahead toward future applications of nanocatalyst technology, some of which are just around the corner. They conclude that the nanocatalyst technology being perfected today will influence and improve manufacturing (from both cost and environmental perspectives) in industries ranging from chemicals, to cosmetics, to electronic products and energy.

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