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Top Ten Investment Banks In Nanotech
Volume 2, Issue 2

It has been one year since Nanosys registered for its initial public offering (“IPO”), and the public markets have still not embraced nanotechnology.  There were three nanotech IPOs in 2004: Lumera, Cambridge Display Technologies and Immunicon.  However, their offerings were rather modest, and the wave of nanotech IPOs hoped for by early investors and entrepreneurs did not unfold.  Perhaps the public market uncertainty associated with nanotech has been the result of a lack of understanding by investment banks of nanoscience, its markets and its intellectual property (“IP”) and regulatory issues.  In this issue, we highlight investment banks taking an early interest in nanotechnology.  This list is a qualitative assessment of those institutions that have shown interest in this space, based on metrics such as analyst coverage, completed deals, issued reports and strategic partnerships.

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