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Nanotechnology Meanderings: A Review of Nanocosm
Volume 2, Issue 2

Ann Marie Rosas, Stanford Law School

Nanotechnology research is experiencing a pull from the market to create products utilizing the strength, conductivity and other discovered attributes of nanoscale materials.  There are varying methods to approach the creation of products and different theories as to the extent to which nanotechnology will translate into successful products.  In Nanocosm, William Atkinson promotes the idea of pursuing nanotechnologies based on biomimicry, and he warns investors to be wary of fanciful imaginations in nanotechnology.  The book is replete with anecdotes that have nothing to do with nanotechnology and filled with analogies that distract from  the book’s insight.  Despite lacking a concise presentation of his ideas, Atkinson does provide some general guidelines for looking at nanotech development proposals.

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