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Talk Loudly or Be Stealthy About New Nanotechnology?
Volume 2, Issue 2

Mark Brandt, Maple Fund
Drew Harris, Nanotechnology Law & Business

One of the most important strategic decisions early on for a start-up with new nanotechnology is whether to “talk loudly” to attract financing, or “be stealthy” to avoid unwanted attention from competitors. Start-ups often find it hard to resist publicizing their research developments, since it paves the way for raising additional financing and recruiting new talent and customers. However, start-ups may want to stay under the radar while they refine their research to avoid bigger competitors jumping in, researching blocking patents, and beating the start-up to market. In this article, venture capitalist Mark Brandt and IP lawyer Drew Harris explore the considerations for nanotech start-ups in deciding whether to be loud or stealthy about their research. Along the way, they analyze the success of various nanotechnology companies that have sought or shunned publicity.

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