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Dendritic Nanotechnologies, Inc.: The Keys to Nanotechnology—Precision, Scalability and Reproducibility
Volume 2, Issue 2

Robert Berry, Dendritic Nanotechnologies

Nanotechnology is one of the rare advancements whose potential impact is impossible to overestimate. This emerging technology has the potential to change how we work and play, the ways we fight disease—even our life expectancies. Nanotechnology’s move into practical use, however, has been slow because the very nanostructures that hold such promise have typically been neither precise nor physically predictable enough for mass production. In this article, Robert Berry, Ph.D., discusses a solution: dendritic polymers, or “dendrimers.” These nanostructures offer the precision and predictable physical properties necessary for commercialization. Dr. Berry also discusses the leading developer and provider of dendrimers, Dendritic NanoTechnologies Inc. (“DNT”), which has developed a large suite of intellectual property (“IP”) and cemented key strategic relationships.

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