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The Nanotech Intellectual Property (“IP”) Landscape
Volume 2, Issue 2

Ruben Serrato, Canon USA
Kirk Hermann, Nanotechnology Law & Business
Chris Douglas, Nanotechnology Law & Business

In April 2005, a report entitled “The Nanotech IP Landscape” was released by Lux Research. The report reviewed 1,084 U.S. patents issued in the nanotech space. In this article, a team of legal and business analysts summarizes the report’s findings, analyzes its data and conclusions, and offers additional insight for companies seeking to navigate this patent landscape. The authors explain why the report does an outstanding job of collecting data and identifying nanotech patent trends. They then explain the reasons behind the growing numbers of patents and describe the necessary legal analysis companies must perform to navigate through nanotech patent landscapes. Specifically, they identify certain broad claims covering different nanomaterials and devices. The authors conclude by raising questions about the impact of the current patent landscape on future nanotech development.

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