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Nanotechnology and the International Regime on Chemical and Biological Weapons
Volume 2, Issue 1

Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra, El Colegio de Mexico, National University of Mexico
Francisco Aguayo, El Colegio de Mexico

The international control regime on chemical and biological weapons (“CBWs”) is dependent on the state of scientific progress. Nanotechnology threatens to undermine this regime by allowing the development of a new generation of weapons potentially undetectable under the current international arms control and verification regimes. In particular, nanotechnology can facilitate weapons based on enhanced delivery mechanisms for toxic substances, on tailored chemical compounds capable to targeting specific physiological functions, and on complex multilayered stealth designs. In this article, Professor Pardo-Guerra and his colleague present a brief overview of the challenges posed by nanotechnology to the current CBW regime and offer some ideas on how to avoid the proliferation of CBWs based on nanotechnology.

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