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Detecting Molecules: The Commercialization of Nanosensors
Volume 2, Issue 1

Ravi Chandrasekaran, UC Berkeley
John Miller, Arrowhead Research Corporation
Michael Gertner , Stanford University, MedInvent

Nanoscale devices for detecting small numbers of molecules, or “nanosensors,” are touted as one day finding use in a host of applications, from drug discovery and medical diagnostics to homeland security and environmental monitoring. Indeed, there is a great deal of excitement in the research community and investment circles about the commercialization of nanosensors. But what is the state of technological development? When will these devices come to market? Is there market demand for the benefits of miniaturized sensors? In this article, Ravi Chandrasekaran, John Miller and Michael Gertner explore nanosensor technologies and markets. Ultimately, they conclude that, notwithstanding barriers to commercialization, mainstream use of nanosensors may be realized within the foreseeable future

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