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Investing In The Future: A Review of Quantum Investing
Volume 1, Issue 4

Gregg M. Cummings, Smith Barney

It is not difficult to argue that technological innovation will continue to impact the economy and society.  And it is relatively easy to make the case that there is a general trend toward miniaturization of materials, devices, and systems.  In Quantum Investing, Stephen Waite sets out to describe how advances in quantum physics will impact technology, markets, and investments.  Quantum theory, which he defines as the “branch of science that deals with the behavior of matter and light and all things in nature at the atomic and subatomic levels” will give rise to technology revolutions such as nanotechnology, advanced biotechnology, superconductors, quantum computing, all-optical communication networks, and synthetic quantum based materials.  While the book is extremely well written and does provide a compelling account of how the world will change in the coming years, it does not provide much meaningful guidance to investors seeking to capture value from these technological waves.

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