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Challenges and Opportunities for Nanotechnology Policies: An Australian Perspective
Volume 1, Issue 4

Dana E. Nicolau, Victoria University

The increasing importance and complexity related to science and technology asks for a concerted, articulated and comprehensive understanding of the process of science and technology, and from here the formulation of general guidelines for an effective management of science and technology. In this article, Dana Nicolau provides a taxonomy of nanotechnology, reviewing and analyzing various policy approaches used for the development of nanotechnology. The competition in nanotechnology does not occur only at the scientific and technological level but equally at the level of management policies. Nicolau argues that nanotechnology will be disruptive for industries such as manufacturing, microtechnology and medicine; and in terms of social technologies, it might cause disruptions in the relationship between academia and companies. In the last part of the article, Nicolau highlights comparative policies in countries with significant funding in nanotechnology.

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