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Standards In Nanotechnology
Volume 1, Issue 2

Edward Rashba, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association
Dan Gamota, Motorola Physical Realization Research Center
Doug Jamison, Harris & Harris Group, Inc.
John Miller, Nanotechnology Law & Business
Kirk Hermann, Shimokaji & Associates

Standards will play an instrumental role in the commercialization of nanotechnology. In the near term, standards are needed for consistent measurement and characterization of various nanomaterials. Standards will also be necessary to facilitate the inter-operability of nanoscale devices and system architectures. Finally, definitional standards are needed to enable all players to speak in common terms. In this article, a group of authors with diverse backgrounds provide an overview of standards, explain why they are necessary to accelerate the emergence of nanotechnology-based products, summarize efforts taken to develop nanotechnology standards, and then identify issues that could arise in developing standards. In the last section, the authors make the case for a nano-nomenclature.

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