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Review of Nanoscale: Issues and Perspectives for the Nano Century
Volume 5, Issue 2

Drew Harris, Nanotechnology Law & Business

The weighty and serious book, Nanoscale: Issues and Perspectives for the Nano Century, brings together 28 different authors to write 24 chapters covering the varied terrain of the “Nano-related Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues,” or “NELSI” as the book’s editors succinctly label it. As one of the editors, Dr. Cameron, previously explained in a 2006 article he published here in Nanotechnology Law & Business, the NELSI framework is patterned off the earlier “ELSI” (ethical, legal, and social issues) program established under the Human Genome Project. The Human Genome Project funded ELSI research at a rate of 3% (later raised to 5%) of the total project expenditure. Dr. Cameron contends that “in every respect the states are higher for nanotechnology,” and thus the “development of an effective nano ELSI (NELSI) process” is vital. Along with the help of his co-editor Dr. Mitchell and several other colleagues, Dr. Cameron has expanded his NELSI framework to discuss a wide range of questions for policymakers.

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