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Nanotechnology Safety: A Framework for Identifying and Complying with Workplace Safety Requirements
Volume 5, Issue 2

Paul C. Sarahan, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP

As more companies implement nanotechnology in manufacturing and operational capacities, issues regarding workplace safety issues become more prevalent. In this article, Paul C. Sarahan analyzes workplace exposure risks associated with nanotechnology. Mr. Sarahan also evaluates the effectiveness of current workplace safety regulations, engineering controls, administrative controls and workplace safety equipment as they relate to nanotechnology and nanomaterials. Mr. Sarahan discusses the possibility of using the ASTM International “Standard Guide for Handling Unbound Engineered Nanoscale Particles in Occupational Settings” as a means for companies to minimize the risks of nanomaterials to cause unsafe workplace environments. By applying the various standards in current regulations and industry guidelines and using the proper safety equipment, companies may better reduce the risk of liability to themselves and injury to their workers.

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