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Delivering Macro-Quality IP Protection for Nanosized Therapeutics
Volume 5, Issue 2

Angela D. Follett, Fish & Richardson P.C. Teresa A. Lavoie, Fish & Richardson P.C.

Nanoparticle delivery systems are a dynamic field that is changing the way active agents (e.g., therapeutic, diagnostic, and imaging agents) are developed and delivered. These small delivery vehicles are designed with the goal of (1) overcoming limitations such as short plasma half-life, stability issues, and potential immunogenicity associated with small molecule and biomacromolecular therapeutics, and (2) minimizing toxic side effects while maximizing therapeutic activity.1 Active agents that were once considered obsolete or unusable are finding new life when delivered in conjunction with a nanoparticle carrier. Nanoparticle carriers having varied structures and compositions are finding utility as treatments and diagnostics for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. The first nanoparticle-based therapeutics have already come to market and more will surely follow in this developing field.

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