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Review of Nanotech Fortunes: Make Yours in the Boom; Winning Strategies
Volume 4, Issue 3

Tatiana Melnik, Nanotechnology Law & Business

As of 2005, governments of more than 62 countries had dedicated funds for nanotechnology related research. The National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), a multi-agency organization overseeing a group of 26 U.S. agencies participating in nanotechnology research, has requested over $1.44 billion in funding for the 2008 fiscal year, which is an increase of 13% over the 2007 request. Corporations are investing heavily as well. According to the 2006 Nanotech Report issued by Lux Research, in 2005 corporations spent an estimated $4.5 billion on nanotechnology research, up 18% from 2004. Given the amount of government and corporate investment, there is no doubt that the next big financial boom will involve nanotechnology. Knowing this boom is coming, the main questions for investors are: 1) how can they avoid losing money, and instead 2) profit from the coming boom? In Nanotech Fortunes: Make Yours in the Boom; Winning Strategies, Darrell Brookstein, a 30+ year investment veteran, sets out to answer these questions.

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