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The Use of Nanotechnology for Fire Safety: Current State of the Art, Possible Problems, and New Opportunities
Volume 4, Issue 3

Alexander B. Morgan, University of Dayton Research Institute

Fire safety as a product demand is nothing new, but it is typically one of many properties that a company must meet to sell the product. New regulatory demands that look at the total life cycle analysis and recycling of a product are pushing old flame retardant technologies out of the market and creating demand for new environmentally friendly technology which can deliver fire safety. To this end, polymer nanocomposite technology has shown remarkable promise in improving fire safety when added to plastics in low loadings, but it still must be combined with traditional flame-retardants to meet fire safety regulations. This article focuses on how polymer nanocomposite technology, as the newest technological breakthrough in the area of fire safety, is used today, some of the problems still to be solved with this technology, and new opportunities for this technology that are just now being looked at that will require additional investment to move forward.

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