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An Invitation to Debate: Review of Nanotechnology: Risk, Ethics and Law
Volume 4, Issue 2

Aaron R. Petty, Nanotechnology Law & Business

"Emergent technologies often attract the attention of both hypesters and fear-mongers.” Nanotechnology: Risk, Ethics and Law offers a little of each. While suggesting offers boundless possibilities, this collection of essays offers a sobering look at the emerging potential of the field. In particular, the editors are concerned with the ethics of potentially transformative technology and its accompanying legal and societal consequences both on people and on nanotechnology itself. Although the issues presented are important and the editors deserve credit for initiating the discussion, it seems somewhat premature to anticipate specific ethical and legal responses to technologies that are, as yet, only “feasible” and “still distant.” Unfortunately, the current state of technology ultimately limits this contribution to broad generalizations and the foreshadowing of potential problems.

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