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Mergers and Acquisitions of Nanotechnology Companies: A Review of the Unidym and CNI Merger
Volume 4, Issue 2

Ruben Serrato, Tokyo Electron Venture Capital
Kevin Chen, NanoGram Corporation

The merger of Carbon Nanotechnologies and Unidym is an important development for the nanotechnology community. In this article, Ruben Serrato and Kevin Chen analyze the implications of the merger. They draw four central conclusions. First, the merger highlights the need for nanotech companies to focus on real products and revenues. Second, integration of nanomaterials suppliers with companies focused on developing products incorporating nanomaterials is necessary to achieving commercial success. Third, the need to consolidate the fragmented patent landscape is important to facilitating the development of the industry as a whole. Finally, the decision of the combined company to focus on electronics applications reveals where carbon nanotubes and other nanomaterials may have their greatest impact in the foreseeable future.

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