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Top Ten Nanotech VCs
Volume 1, Issue 1

We are pleased to introduce the first of our Top Ten series, which highlights firms providing a particular type of service in the nanotechnology arena.  In this first issue, we survey the venture capital industry and identify the top ten venture firms that are most active in nanotechnology.  The list of the top venture firms in nanotechnology is not based on a rigorous analytical formula.  We did attempt to calculate the number and value of deals completed by each firm.  This task was complicated by difficulties in defining the scope of the field, obtaining access to confidential information, and the dynamic nature of investment.  As such, we also considered intangible factors such as a firms focus and competence in nanotechnology.  Ultimately, we primarily relied upon interviews and discussions with CEOs, venture capitalists, and lawyers in the field.  The purpose of this section is to highlight and provide information on some of the venture firms that are most active in nanotechnology.  The firms appear in alphabetical order.

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