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Alternative Nanoelectronics: A Comparative Analysis
Volume 3, Issue 4

Blaise Mouttet, Landon IP

Since the advent of the integrated circuit in the 1960s, electronics has been driven by the desire to fit more circuitry in a smaller space. While many advances have been made to squeeze in smaller circuits, the basic underlying technology behind electronics still mostly relies on the same material (silicon) and the same processing techniques (e.g. optical lithography) used since the invention of the integrated circuit. However, as we are beginning to reach the limits of conventional electronics, several companies are starting to look toward fundamentally different approaches to electronics. This article profiles four such companies—D-Wave, Hewlett-Packard, Nanosys, and Nantero—who are each developing their own unique electronics platforms using quantum computing, molecular crossbar arrays, nanowire macroelectronics, or nanotube ribbon arrays. These respective nanoelectronic platforms will be comparatively analyzed with respect to: 1) potential for mass production, 2) ability to integrate with (or complement) conventional solid state electronics, and 3) ability to provide new applications and capabilities beyond simply making small scale electronics.

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