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Top Ten Regions for Nanotech Start-Ups
Volume 3, Issue 3

Starting a nanotech company can be a daunting task for researchers and investors. Since the longterm survival of a nanotech company depends on the decisions made during the first days of its existence, it is critical that start-up founders choose to locate in regions that already have nanotechnology support structures. Generally, the most fruitful regions for nanotech investment are in close proximity to big research universities or federal labs. Many nanotech start-ups emerge as spin-offs from universities or federally funded laboratories so it is advantageous to maintain close working relationships and coordinate research efforts with these larger institutions. Additionally, locations near major research universities are home to a large, educated populace. Nanotech start-ups are unlikely to survive if they cannot attract young and intelligent scientists from the surrounding community. Other factors that entrepreneurs should consider in determining where to locate include tax benefits and other incentives offered by different states, as well as proximity to investors and customers. For this issue’s Top Ten List, we highlight in alphabetical order ten U.S. regions that have already become hubs for nanotech research and development and are likely to provide nurturing environments for start-ups to grow and thrive.

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