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Top Ten Gold Nanoparticle Patents
Volume 3, Issue 2

Unlike most nanoscale materials, gold nanoparticles have had technology applications for hundreds of years, mostly as dyes. Current interest is focused on their optical properties and the ease with which their surface can be modified. This second point is important to note, as most applications for gold nanoparticles are for conjugates formed with biomolecules or other useful ligands, making them potentially useful for sensing, imaging, and bio-delivery applications. Because the materials have been known for some time, the patent landscape for gold nanoparticles is different from that for most other nanoscale materials, focusing mainly on ways to build conjugates, unique assemblies of particles, and specific applications for the particles.

Presented below are ten leading gold nanoparticle patents which show that this is a field where the intellectual property is narrower in scope than many other areas of nanotechnology. This article should not be construed as legal advice; a detailed analysis of these patents requires claim construction, review of prosecution history, and infringement analysis under the doctrine of equivalents.

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