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Transcending Moore's Law with Molecular Electronics and Nanotechnology
Volume 1, Issue 1

Steve Jurvetson, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Many professional investors have identified nanotechnology as the next great technological wave. In this article, venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson engages in a detailed analysis of commercialization of nanotechnology in general, and molecular electronics in particular. First, he explains technology exponentials and Moores Law. He then describes the transition to molecular electronics as an example of how nanotechnology will impact industry. Next, Jurvetson focuses on issues involved in commercialization of nanotechnology. Specifically, he discusses market timing, vertical integration, the interface problem, and IP and business models. He then analyzes how computational tools will accelerate R&D efforts and makes predictions when different technologies will come to market. Finally, he identifies some of the ethical issues likely to arise.

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