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Nanotechnology in Latin America at the Crossroads
Volume 3, Issue 2

Guillermo Foladori, Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas, Mexico

The development of nanotechnology in Latin America has accelerated in recent years. In this article, Guillermo Foladori summarizes and highlights many key social, technological, and regulatory changes in Latin America as nanotechnology emerges there. As many countries in Latin America begin to consider and implement national strategies with regard to nanotechnology, many of the risks associated with nanotechnology have been overlooked. As a result, people in some countries have reacted negatively to new developments and government programs in nanotechnology, despite the promises of many that nanotechnology may provide solutions to problems such as poverty and the environment. The best way to realize the gains of nanotechnology while minimizing its disruptive and harmful effects is for Latin American countries to pursue a steady, but sure course in which the potential risks of nanotechnology are given due consideration and evaluation.

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