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Incorporation of Parts into the Whole: Avoiding Liability When Incorporating Nanotechnology Improvements
Volume 3, Issue 1

Albert P. Halluin, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Although these nanotechnology inventions may still be far off in the distant future, the incorporation of nanotechnology into everyday products has been steadily increasing. Products from sunscreens, to semiconductors, to clothing have taken advantage of the unique properties that nanomaterials and inventions afford. Although the lure of nanotechnology promises to make the incorporation of these nanomaterials a prerequisite, one must ask the question: are manufacturers exposing themselves to possible future patent litigation? When incorporating nanotechnology materials into their everyday products, manufacturers may be subjecting themselves with future patent liability unless they have proper strategies to manage liability risks. This article addresses potential patent issues and suggests strategies to protect manufacturers who want to benefit from the advances that nanotechnology affords.

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