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Nano for Macro: The Integration of Nanomaterials for High Performance and Flexible Macro-electronics
Volume 3, Issue 1

Ali Javey, University of California, Berkeley

Over the years, various novel, wearable and flexible electronic concepts have been proposed as potentially revolutionary consumer products. Organics and amorphous silicon are the two major semiconductor materials that have been widely explored for such flexible macro-electronics. In this paper, the materials challenges confronting the integration of high-performance digital electronics based on such materials are discussed, and recent reports on the use of semiconductor nanowires and carbon nanotubes as the active device layers are reviewed. Nanowires and nanotubes are shown be the ideal building blocks for low cost, flexible, high performance, long lasting, and robust circuitry that can operate at high speeds and low powers, and may open the door to a new line of exciting electronic products.

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