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Top Ten Nanotech Breakthroughs of 2005
Volume 2, Issue 4

As 2005 draws to a close, we look back on a year of steady progress in nanotechnology research.  In this list, we highlight ten research breakthroughs in 2005 that showcase advances made in specific applications of nanotechnology.  Not surprisingly given the interdisciplinary nature of nanotechnology, these breakthroughs span a broad spectrum of industriesfrom manufacturing to semiconductors to medicine.  Three of these research breakthroughs focus on new ways to detect and treat cancer, in part thanks to a five-year, $144 million nanotechnology research initiative by the National Cancer Institute.  Two other breakthroughs move us closer to much faster computers that rely on light-waves rather than electricity.  Yet another notable breakthrough involves a new method to mass-produce carbon nanotube sheets, paving the way for commercial nanotube products.  While it was difficult to select among many potentially important research breakthrough this years, these Top Ten Nanotech Breakthroughs of 2005 will certainly have a significant impact in the upcoming years.

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