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Nanotechnology Patenting in the US
Volume 1, Issue 1

Raj Bawa,  Bawa Biotechnology Consulting, LLC

Patents are the strongest form of intellectual property protection and are essential to the growth of a nanotechnology company. Similar to their importance to the development of the biotechnology and information technology industries, patents will also play a critical role in the success of the global nanotechnology revolution. In fact, patents are already shaping the nascent and rapidly evolving field of nanoscience and small technologies. As companies develop the products and processes of nanotechnology, and begin to seek commercial applications for their inventions, securing valid and defensible patent protection will be vital to their long-term survival. In this article, Dr. Raj Bawa presents key patent strategies for a small tech inventor. He first provides an overview of the business of patenting. He then engages in a detailed analysis of nanotechnology patent issues. Specifically, he discusses: searching nanotechnology patents, the importance of nanotech patents in the media, nanotech patent trends, strategies involved in patenting, the costs of obtaining nanotech patents, foreign patenting, the future of patents in nanobusiness and challenges facing the PTO.

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